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Are the coaches certified?

All of our coaches are certified and have at least 1 year of coaching experience.

How long does it take to learn?

It really depends on each individual, we do have clients who took 12 to 16 lessons to learn freestyle amd breaststroke. We also have students that take 6 months to a year to learn those 2 strokes. When the coach is there they can assess and give you a rough estimation

How do we make payments?

We have paynow or bank transfer only. Our admin will send you the bank details after the trial.

In 3 months we dont learn will we get a refund?

Yes. We are the first in singapore to come up with the 3 months guaranteed lessons! If in 3 months you don't learn anything we will refund you half of the fees that you have paid. That's how confident we are.

Do you guys do make up lessons?

Yes, we do make ups. However, we would like to clear as much make ups as we can. It is inevitable that we would have to cancel lessons due to sickness and rain. If make up is not possible we would offset the fees from the next month payment on the 1st of every month.

What do we need to prepare for the lesson?

We have all of the equipment like kickboards noodles pull buoy. All you have to prepare is just swim suit and goggles if needed.

Do you teach adults?

Yes we do, we teach all levels. From 4 months old all the way until 60 to 70 years of age. Nope, we are not exaggerating we do have students that age!

I'm very scared of water and have not even swam before will i be safe? 

Not to worry, all of the coaches have gone through training to handle different people from different aspects of life. We always tell our students that theres no one who can't swim. This is what we do so just relax and follow our coaches instructions! (:

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